Mar 22, 2011

Business card

I'm designing a business card for myself, and thought I'd post the results so far.  I haven't had a proper business card in years.  The other day I had coffee with my mentor from my comic art days, George Freeman (Captain Canuck, and countless others throughout his lengthy career).  He reminded me that I need to have a business card.  Of course, he's right.  I've known George since I was 16 years old (more than half my life!  Yikes, time flies!), and he's always been a wonderful source of support, information, advice, encouragement and inspiration.  He's incredibly talented and a great guy and I'm fortunate to be able to call him my friend. 
As for the design, I'm hoping it's simple and readable, yet dynamic.  Those with a particularly keen eye might notice I've used the poster for The American (starring George Clooney) as my direct inspiration.  I've loved that  movie poster since the first time I saw it.  The movie is decent, but wow, that poster.  Brilliant!  Hopefully it works on a business card.
Next:  A unique letterhead!   

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