Jul 21, 2011

There was a time when I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get proper emotions out of Edgar's design.  I feared that his nose was too large, that it went too low on his face and took up too much real-estate.  I thought that perhaps I wouldn't have room to give him an expressive mouth.  I also wondered if maybe his eyes were too small, and that I wouldn't be able to get enough expression out of them.  

As it turns out, I just need to draw him a whole lot more.  With some experimentation I'm finding there is plenty to work with in his design.  I'm squashing and stretching his head, eyes, nose and mouth, I'm angling his mouth and moving it side to side, and I'm letting the eyebrows help out more with the eyes.  

I'm also trying some different things with Edgar's body design.  I've narrowed his body a bit, I've added some vertical collar lines to his undershirt, and I've added patches to the elbows of his cardigan sweater.  I'm also considering giving one of the characters a sweater vest over a button up shirt.  As of right now, I think it all works.

Oh, and don't mind the tire iron Edgar's holding in the one drawing.  I just drew his arms and hands in that position and wanted something to put in his hands.  He doesn't get that upset with his new roommate, honest!


  1. I agree. The emotion is really coming through the design. I love the hand shapes you have gone for

  2. Thanks a lot, Kristian, it's coming along. I really appreciate the input; I love your work. :)