Aug 5, 2011

So long, Peter Parker... and a quick Wolverine sketch

I'm disappointed that they're killing off Peter Parker. He's got to be one of the greatest characters in all of comics, and he's so much of who Spider-Man is. I'm all for creating new, multi-cultural characters and superheros, but why at the expense of one of the most beloved characters of all time? *sigh* So long, Peter...
That drawing came from a tiny 2 inch scribble that I scanned in, blew up and went over with a sharpie before re-scanning it and adding some colours. Nothing fancy, but I wanted to do a small tribute piece for one of my favorite characters from my childhood.
Edit: Honestly, I'm not crazy about this piece, but I'll leave it up. ;)  Also, in the comments Mike makes a good point: they aren't killing off the Peter Parker from the main Marvel universe, just the Ultimate comics universe.  Ah, comics. :)  Oh well, good news, nonetheless, right?

The other piece is a quick Wolverine sketch I doodled on the corner of a piece of paper.  I like it when Wolverine is depicted as short and feisty looking.  Pretty sure he's only 5' 3" in the comics!


  1. Great artwork sir. But I would just like to inform you that the Peter Parker of the Ultimate universe is dead. The main universe storyline peter parker is still alive.

    But dude, when I read that issue of his funeral, and thousands gathered... i friggin teared up!

  2. That Wolverine sketch is awesome!

  3. Thanks Mike and Dave! Much appreciated.

    It's good to know that the original Peter Parker is alive and well, Mike. Thanks for the heads up! :)