Aug 17, 2012

Before I forget!

Here's a colour pass on the shot I animated while learning TVPaint.  I'm pretty pleased with the software, and I believe I'm over the "learning curve hump" for the basics of linetesting and colouring.  Finally, it's not intimidating anymore!  I'm sure I'll get hung up on something down the road, but I'm happy for now; enough that I've committed to TVPaint Pro 10.0 for my project.

And yes, the mailman has no arms in the shot.  During linetesting I liked the idea of him moving and bouncing around like a bowling pin or a penguin, with his arms pinned to his sides, but really he needs arms and some follow through if I'm ever going to use this shot for anything.


  1. That's really cool, it's fun to see Edgar coming alive!

  2. Hey, thanks, Dave! It's definitely nice to get rolling on some of this stuff, and start animating a bit again. Hopefully there will be more to share soon!

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