Nov 8, 2011

Birds! ...and a couple Edgars.

This is a batch of bird sketches I drew up one morning, as I was searching for a suitable bird design for a potential project.  The project would call for geese, but of course these designs are all over the place.  Just feeling things out and seeing what I liked and didn't like.  Not sure anything will ever come of these, but it was a fun morning exercise, if nothing else.
 This is an old Edgar drawing that I decided to colour one day.  The original pencil sketch can be found in an older post below.
Here is a quick little Edgar doodle that I drew on the back of a botched business card with a sharpie a while back.  Yes, I do have a terrible signature. ;)


  1. I really like your bird exercise Chris! I like the one sleeping with his head against a rock.

    Keep up the drawing! :D

  2. Thanks so much, Andy! Great to have you visit. :)